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Private Logic Tutor for Philosophy Students - Undergraduate and Graduate

If you are a philosophy student having difficulties with a course in symbolic logic, I could be of substantial help to you. I have a Ph.D in mathematical logic as well as graduate-level training in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of language. My many-year teaching experience includes both positions within academia and an extensive private tutoring practice. I have taught logic to both undergraduates and graduates, and can boast of complete success in helping philosophy students understand the concepts of formal logic, acquire the ability to apply these concept and work with them, and pass exams.

Here are some examples of topics or techniques I could help you with: propositional logic, propositional connectives, tautologies, quantifiers, predicate (first-order) logic, translation of English sentences into formal logic, validity, soundness, proof, truth tables, natural deduction, axioms, inference rules, tableau methods, proof techniques, interpretations and models, consistency, completeness, incompleteness, compactness, logical fallacies.

Unless you wish to make some other arrangements, I teach strictly one-on-one - exactly as if I was coming to your home. The main communication tools I use in my tutoring sessions are the telephone and an an electronic whiteboard. Whenever useful and appropriate, I may also use email (to send you extra materials, receive from you solutions to problems, and comment on them), instant messaging (as a text-only alternative to the whiteboard), and fax (to exchange pages or chapters of books). The whiteboard is indispensible because it acts as a "shared screen" on which both parties - the teacher and the student - can write formal expressions, diagrams or graphs. The most frequent way my tutoring sessions are conducted is by conversing over the telephone while writing on the whiteboard. Please see the Modus Operandi page for further details.

If you think you might like to use my tutoring services, contact me by phone or email.