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Mathematics Tutoring Testimonials

"I was very happy with Dr. Askanas' classes in Discrete Mathematics and Statistics.

One rarely meets a teacher with deep knowledge of the subject but at the same time with a superb skill of explaining it to a student. Her professional no-nonsense approach is complemented with a sense of humor and compassion. She is genuinly interested in mathematics and passes that interest to her students.

With the help of her classes, I have confidently passed both courses at school and am graduating this year. I would definately choose Dr. Askanas as my Math tutor when I go in for my Masters Degree next year."



"Over the past 18 months I have had the opportunity to work with Malgosia, who has assisted me in completing the University math requirements for a business degree. I have had to complete topics ranging from Algebra through Applied Calculus and first semester Statistics. All courses were online which presents new challenges to successful completion of challenging topics; however, with Malgosia's tutoring expertise I was able to pass each course with a grade of B or higher. Additionally, I felt much better prepared progressing to more difficult subjects like Calculus and Statistics. Malgosia continually challenged me through a process of repeated and thorough review of course material. At times she assigned additional homework exercises to deepen my understanding of the practical application of mathematical concepts. Without Malgosia's tutoring assistance I would certainly have struggled throughout the past three semesters and likely would not have been successful."

Michael Slavinsky
Information Security Analyst, Wachovia Dealer Services
Business Administration Major - University of Maryland


"I was in my 40s when I decided to go back to college. I hadn't had any math for over 20 years and was very scared of the math classes I would be required to take. Dr. Askanas spent a year re-teaching me the math basics - starting from really elementary stuff like long division and the order of arithmetic operations, and on into algebra and geometry. It was very hard and sometimes very frustrating; I guess learning math when you're no longer young is not an easy task. But Dr. Askanas persisted and pushed me to persist as well. She taught me to ask questions about things I didn't understand, explained concepts in different ways to help me grasp them, and made up hundreds of homework problems to give me the practice I needed. Thanks to her tutoring, I was able to get myself to a level where I could successfully take the math courses required in my program. I couldn't have gone back to school without her help."

Lisa Gold, New Jersey


"Malgosia, bless her heart, saved me from an ignominious failure in Logic. She should be decorated with the Golden Ribbon of the Order of Modus Ponens and inducted in the Friends of Philosophers Hall of Fame. "

Frank L.


"Malgosia was my tutor for one and a half years while I was working towards a degree in Computer Science. She tutored me in Calculus and Discrete Math. Because she has an excellent mastery of the concepts, she was able to explain them precisely and clearly, and make learning a genuine pleasure. When I started out I thought I hated math, but I have to confess that in the course of working with Malgosia I found myself actually liking it. She also made me work through a lot of homework problems to get me to master the techniques. I am very happy to have had her as my tutor."

Jeremy O'Brien