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The majority of my students are interested in one-on-one, completely individualized tutoring arrangements, billed by the hour. My hourly rate for individual tutoring sessions is between $40 and $60. Note that you fully get your money's worth: I am a highly trained mathematician with many years of teaching and tutoring experience. I understand the foundations of the subjects I tutor and am totally at ease with them; therefore I am able to get at the source of whatever is causing you a difficulty, and find an approach that works for you.

If the subject you need help with is more specialized, or in the presence of unusual demands such as very stringent time constraints, the hourly rate may be higher.

Please note that besides the standard kind of flexible, individually-tailored tutoring arrangements, I also offer mini-courses - for purposes of review, remediation, or to cover a specific area of mathematics - with a fixed syllabus and a fixed price. For the pricing of those, please consult the mini-courses page.

Depending on the exact nature of the tutoring arrangement, billable time may sometimes include, besides time spent in actual live tutoring sessions, any significant amount of time spent in preparation of additional materials and assignments, reviewing homework, email correspondence that is part of the tutoring arrangement, unusual preparations, or procurement of special materials. I will, of course, provide you with a detailed record of any time, or any other expenses (such as the prices of any special materials I purchase at your request), for which I bill you. The exploratory sessions whose purpose is to ascertain the kind of tutoring arrangement that most effectively will serve your needs, are free.

Payments can be made by PayPal or by credit card (via a secure online interface). If you prefer not to pay online, I will also accept money orders.

I reserve the right to charge you for scheduled appointments that you miss in a manner disrespectful of my time. Usually, I request that you notify me at least 12 hours in advance if you are going to miss a scheduled session.