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Mathematics Mini-Courses

In addition to standard one-on-one individually-tailored tutoring in various areas of mathematics, I also offer a number of mini-courses that are focused on a fixed set of topics and/or have a fixed price:
  • One-on-one review and remedial mini-courses that help you regain, brush up on, strengthen and supplement the basic math skills assumed in college courses such as precalculus and discrete mathematics. For details, please consult the review mini-courses page.

  • One-on-one reading courses, with your choice of book. Initial price: $200 + the cost of the book; includes 3 hours of "live" sessions. Subsequent sessions or email discussions priced at $30/hour.

  • Mini-course on Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems. Check it out!

  • Mini-courses in other specific area of mathematics you would like to learn - e.g., set theory, abstract algebra, Galois Theory, introduction to topology. These mini-courses have a uniform format: each consists of 10 "live" sessions, 1.5-2 hours each, conducted by phone (conference line if there is a group) and using specially written materials. Total price per participant is $250 if there are at least 4 participants. If the course is conducted one-on-one, the total price is $800. Is there an area of math you would like to take a mini-course in (and with a bunch of friends, perhaps)? If so, send me a proposal!

  • An overview course for high school or community-college math teachers who are seeking a mathematical perspective greater in depth and scope than the standard curriculum. The readings are Martin Moskowitz's Adventures in Mathematics and Tobias Dantzig's Number, the Language of Science. The format of the course is up to you; one-on-one sessions and/or email discussions are priced at $30/hour. If you have a group of friends who also want to take the course, the price per person goes down appropriately.